Bay Burdett founder of Bay’s Kitchen

After an IBS diagnoses and discovering that there weren’t many cooking products at her local supermarket that didn’t contain the ingredients that she had eliminated from her diet to ease her symptoms, Bay Burdett launched Bay’s Kitchen, an award winning low FODMAP, gluten and dairy free range of sauces, gravies, soups, condiments and broths for people who suffer from digestive issues.

In ‘Five minutes with Bay’, Bay discusses how busy families use her convenient and delicious products to create low FODMAP family meals that everyone can enjoy.

First of all, Bay, can you explain what a low FODMAP diet is…

Pancake day isn’t just once a year in my home. We like getting messy, putting our aprons on and throwing flour around the room. Eating these little rounds of cakey joy is part of our weekend family life, and I couldn’t imagine only enjoying them once a year.

Pancakes is the sort of recipe that gets passed down from generation to generation with different sorts of names like aebleskivers for the Scandinavians, crepes for the French and pikelets for the Australians, but all have the same three ingredients of flour, eggs and sugar with many variations for wet ingredient like…

Before: leftover vegetables in my refrigerator. The tromboncino squash has seen better days and the zucchini is starting to go soft.

Colorful vegetables are my shoe obsession. Some people say: ‘Life’s too short, buy the shoes’, well my mantra is, ‘Life’s too short, buy the expensive orange, green and purple heritage tomatoes’.

I’m the one at the farmer’s market with piles of vegetables and fruits spilling from my bag. If it looks exotic, like an Italian trombonchino squash or a French purple garlic bulb, then I have to have it. I figure out how to cook with it when I get home.

But unfortunately, even with a very hungry husband and son, I sometimes don’t end up using everything that I…

Enjoy this fiery green and red chilli stir fry with a cold beer.

Skyscrapers and glamor aplenty in Taipei City — or that’s what I see when I picture myself there — it’s a city I’ve always wanted to travel to ever since I found the most delicious Taiwanese restaurant called XU in London’s china town. If you’re ever in London I recommend ordering the tea pairing tasting menu. Even the most addicted coffee drinker, like me, will love it

Taipei is hot and humid with spicy food, cold beer and fruity cocktails. Its place where everyone eats out most nights enjoying the nightlife and getting to know their neighbours. I’ll get myself…

So England didn’t win the Euro2020 football championship last night.

After 120 minutes, it was a tie, 1–1 England vs. Italy. The penalties that came next were excruciating, even for me, someone who doesn’t follow football very closely or support one team over the other.

But for my English husband and son, watching the final felt more like a rite of passage, a life experience that the two of them will never forget as they cuddled up together under a blue and green tartan wool blanket on the sofa becoming ever more nervous with every second that ticked by and…

I’m always trying to consume less meat. But I find it very difficult because I do love a good steak smothered in Roquefort sauce and a glass of red wine.

When I was growing up it wasn’t considered a meal unless there was meat (protein)involved. No meat, meant it was a snack.

And while I try to eat meat only a couple of times a week now, realizing that a three meal meat plan isn’t going to save the planet, I still find it difficult to replicate the meatiness of the meals that I grew up with.

That’s why I…

I can’t believe it’s not couscous.

Does anyone else struggle to get their children to eat vegetables?

When my son was six months old he’d stuff fistfuls of broccoli and sweet potatoes into his mouth. He never complained, never asked for anything else, and I foolishly thought I was going to raise a healthy, sugar-free child.

Then he hit about four-years-old and discovered my naughty cupboard — the place where I kept my chocolate, cookies and wine — and from there it was impossible to get him to eat vegetables without a post sugar treat. …

Indian-style spicy yogurt mayonnaise

I love mayonnaise.

I love dipping my pizza crusts in mayonnaise, adding a dollop to my french fries and thickly spreading it on a sandwich. It’s a brilliant base for sauces like pickley tartar sauces or garlicky aioli, and it just makes everything taste better.

Mayonnaise first started appearing on European plates in the 18th after the recipe was published in French cookbooks. The word mayonnaise started cropping up into the English language as early as 1815.

But it wasn’t until Covid-19 that my love for mayonnaise was taken to another level. If it weren’t for my nightly mayonnaise fix…

Who could resit this beautiful plate of food?

Shall I compare you to a summer’s day, oh great zucchini that you are?

You are as delicious as you are beautifully emerald green — fried, sautéed, roasted, barbecued and raw in salads, you will always be my favorite vegetable. Even when my grandmother steaming you until you were floppy and the doused you with Kraft parmesan cheese, I still loved you.

But unfortunately, my husband hates you. He’s hated zucchini — or courgette as they are known in England — his entire life. …

Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

Tea drinking isn’t something I ever associated with Russia— in fact I assumed that their national drink was vodka — until I received a postcard from Elena who lives in Novosibirsk, Siberia.

Elena writes to me about how in the early 20th century, wealthy Russians century enjoyed tea parties with every meal preferring to drink flower tea which was tea prepared from the upper leaves of the plant. Everyone else who couldn’t afford flower tea, drank brick tea, tea that comes in a black tablet and is scrapped into boiling water.

But today, tea drinking isn’t just about drinking tea…

Elizabeth Rust

Send me your recipes. I’ll do my best to create them at home to feed my hungry family

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